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Polished Treasures Metal Restoration, Cleaning, Plating,
Polishing,  and Repair Services

Our finishes include chrome, silver, nickel and copper plating, polished bronze, brass, brushed aluminum, brushed finishes, powder coating, and clear coating. Guaranteeing all your refinishing needs handled with the ulmost care and professionalism. Delivering Beautiful Results!
Polished Treasures Metal Restoration and Plating is a full service facility that has been keeping customers extremely satisfied for fifteen years. We service many items including marine (boat parts), motorcycle parts, automobile parts, and antiques and plastics just to name a few. Our services include restoration, plating and refinishing of metals. Our plating line consists of brass, bronze, copper, nickel, chrome, silver and gold. We also offer such finishes as mirror-finished, satin (brushed), butler, antiqued to name a few. In addition, we will powder coat any color, including clear and we are able to clear coat (lacquer). We perform restoration and repairs of antiques or hard to replace items, refinishing and light fabrication.

Whether it is a precious family heirloom or your 1957 Chevy bumper, Polished Treasures will make your item look like new again.

Email us a photo of your item and we'll contact you with an estimate.

Polished Treasures metal restoration and plating is located in Chesapeake City, Maryland.

123 South Horace Street Woodbury, NJ 08096
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We are pleased to announce that we have expanded and our main office is in Chesapeake City Maryland ! We now have drop off locations in Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Be sure to ask for details. Please note our new shipping address and phone #'s

51 Port Herman Road Chesapeake City, Md 21915
(410) 885-2008 MD | (856) 371-4303 NJ